StudyBay Review

TL/DR: StudyBay is not legit at all! They are another scam site that wants to take your money and leave you high and dry with a crappy assignment in return. If you want to work with a LEGIT service, head on over to Killeressay and submit a project request.

StudyBay Review

Ordering Experience – Kicking Off My StudyBay Review

 To kick off my StudyBay review, I went to their website and created a request. When I placed an order with StudyBay, the order form was all well and fine. 

BUT – I was disappointed once I hit submit and started waiting for writers to contact me and offer up some prices.

Everything was bland and robotic. 

It was almost like it was all done by a computer. It was creepy. I had 40+ bids within 2 minutes – all very robotic and with grammatical errors in their introduction messages. Yeah, not off to a great start. The bidding seemed more automated than personal, raising doubts about whether legit writers assessed the requirements. Every account was, more or less, mechanical and weird. Of course, a human will eventually write your paper… at least, I think so.

Regardless, it’s insane that they don’t even review the requirements first. Contrastingly, Killer Essay ensures every order receives personal attention and a human review from our 100% USA college-graduate team BEFORE we make price offers, ensuring top-tier quality straight from the jump.

StudyBay Review
StudyBay Review

I did a reverse image search of their “top writer” and found that they just stole a picture of a graduate from the University of Minnesota. Shame on them!

Worse yet, all the writers had spelling/grammatical errors in their intro messages. Isn’t that ridiculous?

They’re a writing business staffed by writers who can’t spell correctly! How can you trust these guys with an essay that requires deep thought, reasoning, and quality sources?

StudyBay Review

Missing periods, misspelled words, missing “s,” incorrect sentence structure, and more. For $20/page, you deserve better than that. This is the worst spelling and grammar I’ve seen from any essay service in my six years of working in this industry.

StudyBay Writers: They’re Kenyan… Not American!

 Despite claims from StudyBay that they work with Native English-speaking writers (like you and me), there’s a lot of information online proving that StudyBay works with foreign writers from Kenya. These writers use broken English and do not understand Western culture in the same context as you or I. 

StudyBay Review

Just go to Google and search “Studybay LinkedIn Kenya,” and you’ll see – the writers aren’t the people in the photos! The writers are Kenyans who do not speak English natively, nor have they graduated from an American or Canadian college. 

On the other hand, Killer Essay works exclusively with a team of USA college-graduate writers (like myself), ensuring that your goals and quality expectations are always met. Our writers have walked the same path as you and live in the same country as you do. With skills like these, we’ll knock your project out of the park – guaranteed. – Site Usability

I give them credit; StudyBay has a nice-looking website. It’s colorful, modern, and fast. 

StudyBay Review

But this nice website just serves to mask their foreign writers who have broken English.

On the other hand, Killeressay understands the need for continuous investment and website adaptation, offering a user-friendly platform where you can talk to 4+ writers BEFORE paying. Our expansive social media following, especially on Instagram, proves our commitment to stay connected and verify our quality claims. The memes are pretty good, too!

Students can DM the owner, KP, directly on Instagram with questions about any aspect of the ordering process. We know the essay writing niche can be scary, especially if you’re a first-timer. And because of this, KP is available nearly 24/7 to answer your DMs (I don’t know if he has much of a life outside of working on Killeressay).

StudyBay Review – Writing Quality

If you go on Google and type in “StudyBay LinkedIn Kenya,” you’ll quickly see many people who claim to be writers for the site but are based in Kenya. These practices are common in this industry – websites claim they have excellent American writers working for their business but have a team of Kenyans writing papers for pennies on the dollar. A lot of these services pay the writers as little as $1/hour! Can you imagine the quality they put out?

It’s paramount to your success that you read an honest StudyBay Review. You’ll be paying $20-25/page to work with someone from Kenya who is likely earning around $5/page to write your paper.

StudyBay Customer Support & Social Media

StudyBay has a limited presence on social platforms. They’ve got profiles, they’re just missing authentic engagement. I even DM’d them and (of course) got a robot response.

StudyBay Review

StudyBay has some followers on IG, but they barely post, and the only comments or likes are from bots or foreign accounts. 

On the other hand, Killer Essay stands out in its consistent social media presence. This promotes a strong community vibe and provides prompt support, primarily since students can directly message the owner, KP, on Instagram. We’ve got 6+ years of reviews going back to early 2017 – just look up Killeressay on Instagram, and you’ll see for yourself. 

It’s not clear who the owner of StudyBay is, but they’ve gone to great lengths to stay anonymous. 

StudyBay Review

Of course (surprise, surprise), they aren’t available to chat directly like with KP.

StudyBay – How Is Their Pricing?

The price point at StudyBay is notably high but consistent. Every bid I received was $20-25/double-spaced page, right on par with Killeressay. Like I said earlier, though, every bid was from a robot, and the writers that eventually work on your paper are Kenyan. $25/page is a lot to pay for a paper written by someone who’s never stepped foot on an American college campus!

At Killeressay, we start our papers around $26/page, which increases depending on timeframe and difficulty. To help with the higher prices, we offer discount codes and payment plans via PayPal! 

Most importantly, we work with 100% USA and Canadian college graduate writers. You can even watch them write projects on camera on the company’s YouTube channel and website. For instance, you can see me work on multiple papers on-camera on my profile page! We go to great lengths to prove our writers are who they say they are. And of course, you’ll find no foreign writers here. 

StudyBay Review: My Final Thoughts

While StudyBay has a pretty website, the good stops there. I’ve never seen a site with such awful spelling and grammar from its writers as I did when writing this StudyBay review.  

Don’t believe me? Go put in a request. Every bid will be quick (within 1 minute) and automated. The writers are clearly foreigners, evident through their atrocious, weird messages.

AND – they’re charging a lot. $20-30/page is a TON for a foreign writer! Remember that a foreign writer is likely earning pennies on the dollar and has never stepped foot into the USA. 

Truthfully, it’s sad to see. Many people don’t have the knowledge or context of this industry and easily get duped. Just look at the 100+ 1-star reviews for Studybay on SiteJabber! It’s sad to see a business willingly lie about who their writers are and where they’re from and going so far as to use fake pictures, too. And honestly, it’s just super weird.

StudyBay Review – I DON’T Suggest Them!

I hope this StudyBay review helped you and showed you the reality of their business. If you’re looking for a solid offering with 100% Native-English speaking college-graduate writers, consider Killer Essay KP’s DM’s on IG are open 24/7, and we’re happy to help with any project you send us. Maybe we’ll even work together at some point in the future! Good luck out there, and get in touch with us if you ever need an essay, PowerPoint, or other project completed.